New Videos

I made two new videos only a week apart, but then I wasn’t able to keep it up for the week after due to other concerns, but there will be another one this week!  Anyway, please enjoy my two new videos, and apologies for the late posting!

This first painting was based on an idea I had after sketching some froggies; I thought one of them looked like it had a throat that looked like a planet or something from outer space, so…. here’s my “world croaker”, hehe 🙂

The next painting is the second in a series of three from Blade Runner.  It’s also my second painted portrait I’ve ever done – I’m quite scared of portraits, and unfortunately, this painting somewhat reaffirmed my fears, as (1) I’ve found that men are much more difficult to paint – a lot more detail and muscle in the face to be careful of, (2) even a few millimeters off in sections can turn the subject into someone else – and this certainly doesn’t look close enough to Harrison Ford at all!  However, I think I’ve learned quite a lot from this and I’ve been watching others paint portraits of real people, especially watching people FIX their portraits, so I think I have a better chance of the next one matching up a little closer to the real face (the next one will be Roy Batty!).



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