March 150 Exhibition

I recently entered two paintings (10×10″ on wood panel) into the “March 150 Exhibition” that the Target Gallery is holding at the Torpedo Art Factory in Alexandria, so I thought I’d share with you the photos!  I will be heading down there at some point during the exhibition (March 11 – March 26) to see what other people have created as well (and hopefully see what people think of my pieces).  Let me know if you visit and see my work!

In other news, the remainder of my February forest paintings are now up in my Etsy shop for $60 each!  I’m pretty proud of all these little beautiful paintings; I’ve been working really hard to get a lot of art done and improve my work.  I think a lot of my work is looking really nice, but I’m always looking to get even better.

Finally, the next “theme” I’ll be working on is underwater creatures!  Feel free to suggest a creature for me to paint; I love to have input from others 😀  I usually update this website once every week or two, so if you would like to follow my work in a more real-time fashion, I suggest subscribing to my Facebook or Instagram pages (I also have a Youtube channel for all my timelapses, and hopefully soon some more longer videos as well).

In any case, thanks for reading, and here are my “March 150” entries:

Twisted Tentacles
Quiet Mushroom Forest








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