Skull 06

The sixth skull!

Skull 06 – 10×10″

Skull 06

I just mentioned in the previous skull description that I tend toward monochromatic paintings, and here I am with a very monochromatic palette, haha.  In this one I was going for something very particular, though, so I didn’t even put any other colors on my palette.  I wanted a “drippy” skull, whether it be water or paint or whatever, and when I started I decided I wanted BRIGHT blue so I suppose it’s probably more like paint dripping on the skull than water.  I’m not sure exactly what inspired this skull, but after looking through my skull sketches (my “big” sketchbook has pages and pages of skull ideas now, though feel free to send me more ideas or pictures for references!), the ones with water were really appealing and I thought I could have some fun with some bright blues.  When I decided on that, I also brought up pictures of water droplets on various objects use as reference to make the drips look more interesting.  Mostly this one was just about me having fun experimenting 😉


Music: “Falls” by Natus is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Kwaidan.”  Yes, you will have to read subtitles if you don’t know Japanese.  I know some people get annoyed by this, but I always put on subtitles on movies because of the drastic sound changes, accents, whispers that are hard to hear, or when I watch something without sound (which happens more often than you think), so they never bother me.  However… you could watch this without sound, without subtitles, and it would still be obvious what’s happening.  A lot of the time, people aren’t even speaking.  You won’t lose the spooky quality if you don’t have subtitles on and don’t know Japanese.  This movie is a compilation of a few spooky stories – “The Black Hair”, “The Woman of the Snow”, “Hoichi the Earless” and “In a Cup of Tea”.  “The Black Hair” is my favorite (have you seen my long hair? hehehe), but I think “Hoichi the Earless” is probably the best.  They’re not like “The Ring” – not creepy little girls or jumpscares – but more like spooky campfire stories.  I love the stories, so try it out if you haven’t seen it – even if you hate subtitles 😉


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