Skull 10

The tenth skull!

Skull 10 – 16×20″ oval

Skull 10

Skulltopus!  Hehehe 🙂  This skull-octopus is painted on an oval canvas (weird canvases can be a lot of fun!) and took a little bit longer than most because it’s a bit larger, but I figured since I got to 10 skulls on time (20% done!), that I could take a little more time for this one.  I wanted to have some fun with the colors for this one, but I didn’t want the colors to be very saturated, so I did a lot of mixing on the palette even though it looks like there’s some random colors and mixing done on the canvas (there’s still some mixing done on the canvas, to be sure!).  I had to step back from this one a lot and look at it overall – I think I’ve been so used to working with smaller canvases that I can easily sit back from while painting that now the larger ones are feeling a bit “too big” in a way.  I’m not perfectly happy with the color mixing, to be honest, but I did really like some of the tentacles where the suckers seem to actually “bulge” and the area around the skull’s eyes and nose.  I enjoy painting seacreatures (especially the spooky ones), so I thought adding a skull to an octopus would be fun.  I’ve seen some artists make things like this before and I wanted to try my hand at it.  I think the flow between the skull part and the tentacles works pretty well, and I like that it’s hard to tell the exact texture of the creature because of the transition and the difference between what we think a skull vs what we think an octopus is like.  I like to think that this skull is covered with a thin layer of skin, so it’s hard at the top but still slimy and squirmy like an octopus, hehe 😀


Music: “Rollin Back” by MK2


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Cabin in the Woods.”  This movie certainly has its campy moments, and I was worried it would be pretty boring when it looked like it was just a (lame) creepy cabin in the woods and zombies… but when all the creepy creatures were let loose – I loved it (at least that part of it).  It was totally worth any silliness.  I’d include a fun gif here, but I think it might be too much for those who don’t like creature-spooks and blood 😉

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