Skull 11

The eleventh skull!

Skull 11 – 12×16″

Skull 11

I was looking forward to painting an animal skull, and I thought I’d try out painting a sabertooth tiger!  The teeth are so impressive for this skull, I thought it’d be a fun time.  Now that I’ve painted it, I may have to try something with horns soon, too, though I think I may need a larger canvas for something like a ram or deer to get good texture and detail without having to use super tiny brushes, so I’ll have to budget my time well to make that happen.  I enjoyed using mostly large (for me) brushes on this piece, only reverting to small brushes for details like cracks (and even then I tried to do as much as I could with a larger brush).  One of my sabertooth skull references had a lot of variation in the browns in the skull, so I mixed a bunch of different versions – some more red, some more yellow, variations of saturation – to get this result, but I’m not sure it was as effective as I was hoping.  I’m still not sure; I’ll have to think on what I would try if I were to redo it as I might want to do another brown-toned skull at some point.  Let me know if you have any thoughts on it! 🙂


Music: “Haus Guest” by Gunnar Olsen


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “The Perfect Host,” which is about a crook on the run who decides to hide out at the house of a man who is setting up dinner for guests.  He chose the wrong house, hahaha.  The character of the host (David Hyde Pierce) of the dinner party does an amazing job of keeping the audience on their toes about what crazy, horrible thing he’s going to do to the “poor” crook.  The less you know before you watch it, the better it will be, otherwise you’ll probably just not like it, so try it out if you haven’t seen it 🙂

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