Skull 20

The twentieth skull!

Skull 20 – 16×20″

Skull 20

This skull painting took the most time of any of the skull paintings I’ve done so far, because I wanted to get all the little lines in, which meant I also needed a larger canvas to get all that detail in without using teeny tiny brushes.  I love forests and trees and wanted to reflect something like the twisting branches into a skull.  Some parts of it somewhat look like a basket more than a tree, perhaps, but I actually really love the way it looks.  I was able to mostly execute my idea in my head into sketches and then onto canvas, and that’s been extremely difficult for me when I have “weird” ideas like this.

I do think it would be interesting to go back over this at some point when it’s dry and try to glaze, to darken/slightly redden the dark areas and brighten the areas where the light hits the skull.  I think it could really make the skull “glow” or at least stand out even more.  I’m not sure I will, but I think it would be an interesting experiment 😀




Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Little Shop of Horrors,” since I wanted to recommend a cute horror movie that has something to do with plants 😉  Really any version will of the play will do, but I enjoy the 1986 version because that’s the one that I saw first as a kid.  “I’m a mean green mother from outer space, and I’m bad!” 😀

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