Skull 25

The twenty-fifth skull!

Skull 25

The human body is pretty weird when you get down to it!  This one reminds me of some sort of creepy seacreature or snake. so of course it was fun 😀  I’m not actually sure that I’m done with this one; I may wait for it to dry and then do some more layering and get a bit more detail, though I do like the “roughness” and texture of the brushstrokes, on the skull especially.  It’s amazing how little you actually need to make it clear it’s a skull.  Anyway, since I’m halfway through, I thought I’d do another larger painting to celebrate, so enjoy the snakey-skull!  😀


Music: “Watch it Glow” by Silent Partner


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Night of the Living Dead” – AND – it’s lesser-known companion, “Night of the Living Bread.”  Seriously, if you’ve seen “Night of the Living Dead”, look up the “Bread” version, it’s a short hilarious play on words.  I love puns in action 😉

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