Skull 30

The thirtieth skull!

Skull 30

Skull 30 – 16×20″

I think that bats are awesome and so I had to paint something with bats – this is actually one of a few ideas from my sketchbook, but I thought this one would look neat with an ocean – and since I hadn’t painted a landscape in a while, I thought I needed something like this!  Some parts are a little Bob-Ross-like, but I don’t mind!

It looks like my adjustment of the picture to make it even actually made some of the water look a bit askew, but trust me, it doesn’t look that way in person (there are plenty other things I could change in this one, anyway!  Starting with a starry background would have made my life easier, for one… haha oh well).  I had actually intended for the skull in this to be more like a mountain and have some dark green trees on top and to the side, but once I had started painting it, it felt like it would be too “busy” around the skull.


Music: “Ocean Floor” by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “House on Haunted Hill” – the old one OR the new one.  While I do like the old one better, I also like the obvious supernatural aspects of the new one.   In either case, prepare for spooky haunted house fun! 😀

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