October 2020 Newsletter

October Newsletter
Whew, it’s been a long time since my last newsletter!  I’ve been holing up and working hard on a few new things, keeping up painting as well (of course), so I have a few series of paintings that will be coming out within the next few months.  The first series is a set of “Seacreature” paintings, which can be previewed on my website this week (small pictures below, more pictures on my website) and will be available to purchase next Saturday, October 24, at 8AM EST in my Etsy store.  The second series is an even larger set of paintings with one of my favorite themes of “Outer Space.”  The “Outer Space” series will likely be ready by the end of November, but I’ll send out a newsletter beforehand so you all will be the first to know!

One of the reasons that I’ve been waiting to release paintings is pretty exciting: each of the regular paintings in these series has handmade wooden frames, sized specifically to my canvases!  I have been asked a few times about frames for my paintings, but I ran into a few problems: (1) it can be difficult to size frames appropriately, (2) many frames aren’t thick enough to fit around the canvases without having to re-stretch them – especially the “gallery-thickness” canvases, (3) non-“standard” size frames are difficult to find, (4) buying a bunch of frames (of random sizes) to keep in stock would be exorbitantly expensive and I wouldn’t know the quality until I received them.  So the solution was – handmade frames!  I will probably include a “frame” section in my store in the future for frames sized to the canvases that I use for other paintings in my store and possibly custom orders, but I’m not going to work on those until I have at least finished the frames for the next series.

Additionally, I’m adding PRINTS to the store!  Not all of my paintings will have prints of course, but I’m working on adding them slowly so do let me know if there is anything that you would like as a print.  These will also start to be listed on October 24 with the first series.  I do not yet have frames for prints, but I may in the future.

Since this is an exciting launch of new paintings, handcrafted frames, and art prints, I’d like to give my loyal customers and newsletter subscribers an extra gift: if you purchase anything in my store (ANYTHING) between October 24 and before midnight on Halloween (October 31), I’ll include a free small print or magnet.  Just use the code:


If there’s a specific image you would like on your free gift, just write it out in the “note” section – and you can be as vague or descriptive as you like and I’ll come up with something for you (ex: “spooky tree” or “any jellyfish” or “space” or “mystic mountains ngc3372”), or leave it blank and I’ll pick out something as a surprise.

As I am now extremely busy, I won’t be able to work on any commissions for a while (and to those who I’ve already promised commissions – I will get to those as soon as I can if I’m not already working on them!).  Apologies to anyone who has messaged me and not gotten a response – I had extremely limited my “online” time during all this craziness and I’ve missed quite a few things.  I will probably continue to limit my time online as I continue to pile on more exciting work to my schedule, but I will check my Etsy messages.

Finally, here are the new paintings for the “Seacreatures” series in their beautiful frames.  (More pictures of each, descriptions, prices, etc. can be seen here on my website)

 Thanks to everyone who wished me well during the last few months and I hope you are all doing well during these tough times too!
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