March 2021 Newsletter

March Newsletter

Hello everyone!  My new series is finally ready, so I have a bunch of new art to show you all and a few new things that are (or will soon be) in the store 🙂

(1) A few more “last chance” paintings will be available in my store until April 10th.  The “last chance” paintings are older paintings that will be highly discounted for a short while, and then I’ll probably paint over them or do something interesting with them.  A few have already been bought; thank you very much!

(2) I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I now have prints in my store of many of my paintings, but I do!  Please let me know if there’s one that you wanted that isn’t currently there – I’m slowly trying to put more of them up there!  I also have frames for some sizes.  I also have magnets of even more things that I’ve painted (some of my photos aren’t good enough quality for the larger prints, but are great for magnets!), and I may add a few more new things soon depending on how things go, so keep an eye on the store if you’re interested in other things with my artwork on them.

(3) The new theme, forest paintings!  I had meant to post forest paintings early this month but I took a bit longer with some of these than usual AND I decided to make more than I had originally planned…. but they’re finally here.  Some are based on previous paintings (usually enlarged versions or with some changes), and some are new ideas, but in general I had a fun time – I always enjoy painting forests.  Everything will be available this Friday, March 26, 8AM EST in my Etsy store.   🙂
These are just a little preview, but you can view more (and larger!) photos of all the art here on my website.

Also, a ton of mini paintings!  These are painted on mini hexagonal canvas panels, like the space minis a few series ago (each side of the hexagon is about 3″, and 5-6″ across the middle):

(4) One last thing – I am currently working on a few ideas for new series, but I have some free time to work on a few commissions.  If you would be interested in commissioning a piece from me – especially if it’s similar to something I’ve done before – please send a message to my Etsy store (fastest way to contact me) or email to, and I’ll see what I can do!

Thank you all for reading the newsletter and viewing my art; I hope everyone is safe and sound and happy 🙂

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