Since August 2016, I’ve been painting tiny blocks for a company called Art-o-mat, which takes old cigarette machines and refurbishes them so that they vend art instead! My little paintings are one of many types of art vended through their machines by many talented artists. I encourage everyone to visit their page, find one of their awesome vending machines (many of which are a piece of art themselves), or even join in on the fun by making your own art for Art-o-Mat!

If you’ve wondered how I paint the mini blocks for Art-o-mat, wanted to see me paint the little paintings, or just wanted to know how the process works for packaging them up, here’s a little video showing how I go about creating the little blocks:

If you have “kerplunked” one of my mini blocks, I’d love to hear which one you got and where you got it, since these vending machines are all over the country (and some in other countries too!). I’d always be happy if you send me a message or contact me on social media about your little block. Also feel free to snap a picture with your block if you like – just let me know if you’d mind if I share your picture or your first name.

I never know exactly where my blocks will be or how many will be in stock at the various locations, but I do know where my art has been! Here are all the locations I know of so far (with the exception of a few that were sent all the way to Australia!):

Here are some of the blocks I’ve painted so far – I’ll do my best to update these regularly.

Forest Blocks:

Skull Blocks:

Space Blocks:


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