Current Art

This is a page for the current series/ set of artwork (“Birds of Prey”).  I painted some birds about a year or so ago, and I really enjoyed the owls, hawks, eagles, and vultures, so I thought I’d focus on those 🙂

Update: all the bird paintings are now in my Etsy store!
Prints of some pieces are also available.

[Click on an image for more information and pictures]

Flight – 20×20″
Hoot – 12×24″
Osprey – 12×24″
Vulture – 16×20″
Dusk – 6×18″
Dawn – 6×18″
Glare – 12×16″
Fluff – 12×16″
Scowl – 12×12″
Farewell – 12×12″
Greetings – 12×12″
Piercing – 6×12″
Hawk – 6×12″
Mini Bird Hexagons


Art from the last series (Ships/Boats) can be viewed here, and artwork from before then can be viewed in previous newsletters here.