Space Art

I love painting outer space, so this page is dedicated to all the larger (not art-o-mat) space art that I’ve painted.  Paintings available for sale are listed here.  If you’d like to watch the creation of some of these paintings, I have a playlist of some time-lapse outer space paintings on my videos page.

“Outer Space” was the theme for paintings in January, June, and November of 2018, May of 2019, and February and November of 2020.  “Nebulae” was the theme for paintings in June 2017, and I also created a bunch of small (6×6″) space-themed paintings in November 2017.  Some of the paintings are based on real celestial objects, and others are just crazy ideas that I needed to try out.  There will probably be more space paintings since it’s one of my favorite topics, but until then, here’s some of my space art so far:


If you’re interested in purchasing a piece or looking at what’s currently for sale, you can view available paintings here: