Artwork for Sale

I will be selling both originals and prints at art shows, which will be posted on my home page at the soonest notice. Until then, the following are paintings available on my Etsy store. I do have other paintings available that have not yet been listed on my Etsy store; if you are interested in something you’ve seen in my portfolio or on social media, please contact me directly and don’t be shy!
Most recent available paintings on Etsy (and more like these here!):

Prints of my work can currently be found on my deviantart page.  Art prints, canvas prints, photo prints, mugs, cards, mousepads, coasters, and magnets are all available for these items.  As my print posting schedule is slow, let me know if there is a particular piece of artwork that you would like me to push to the front of the print schedule.  Current available prints:

Deviantart Prints

I do not have much time for commissioned work, but please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your ideas and my current schedule.  Oil paintings do take time to dry properly before they can be shipped, so please keep that in mind when and if I am able to work on commissioned pieces.  The price of commissioned work will generally be higher than non-commissioned  pieces unless your request is very similar to a completed painting.