Art-o-Mat Process Video

I finally put together a process video for my mini-spacescapes for Art-o-Mat.   The video-editing process has been most illuminating.  I had planned to put this up much sooner but didn’t realize how long it would take (both filming parts and putting the whole thing together… twice, since it messed up

Art-o-Mat (3)

I’ve recently finished another 50 mini-paintings (on small wooden blocks ~2×3″, and ~1″ thick) for Art-o-Mat! I tried to “theme” every five so that I could test out things with different colors or shapes to see which ones would work best. Let me know what you think, and if you’d

Art-o-Mat Project (1)

I’ve recently finished painting 50 different mini spacescapes (and when I say mini – these are 3×2″ on the top side of these wood blocks!), which I’ve then sent off to the company Art-o-mat. Art-o-mat takes old cigarette machines and refurbishes them so that they now vend… art! Art the