New Art and Videos

The last set of 10×10″ February forest paintings!  My raffle set for tomorrow will be for one of the 9 paintings I’ve completed this month! Each painting has a link to the Youtube video (my channel is here!), but the videos are also available on my Facebook page.

Art-o-Mat Process Video

I finally put together a process video for my mini-spacescapes for Art-o-Mat.   The video-editing process has been most illuminating.  I had planned to put this up much sooner but didn’t realize how long it would take (both filming parts and putting the whole thing together… twice, since it messed up

November Waterfalls

Apologies for not updating sooner, but I’m trying to accelerate my painting schedule and it’s been pretty busy.  Firstly, I’ve decided to start painting in series, and November’s series is “Waterfalls” (hooray!).  Below are the first three paintings of this series, which will be added to my Portfolio page shortly

New Video – Alien

A new video of an alien (or xenomorph) from the Alien movie! This video has also been added to my videos page. Enjoy! Original painting is 24×36″ in oils. Music for video is “The Coming Storm” and “In the Shadows” by Ethan Meixsell.

New Video – Sleepy Fox

Another new video! Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties – one video file was corrupted and I wasn’t filming for a few segments, so it’s not my best video, but the rest of the video is there and you can see the creation of the sleepy fox. Enjoy, and I’ll

New Videos

I made two new videos only a week apart, but then I wasn’t able to keep it up for the week after due to other concerns, but there will be another one this week!  Anyway, please enjoy my two new videos, and apologies for the late posting! This first painting

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