Art-o-Mat Project (1)

I’ve recently finished painting 50 different mini spacescapes (and when I say mini – these are 3×2″ on the top side of these wood blocks!), which I’ve then sent off to the company Art-o-mat. Art-o-mat takes old cigarette machines and refurbishes them so that they now vend… art! Art the size of a pack of cigarettes! Not only that, but these art-vending machines are all over the country (and a few not in this country!), so anyone could walk up to one and get a random piece of art.  I thought this was a neat idea, so I joined in the fun and made these:


Well, to my delight, they’ve asked me for more! I’m now getting ready to do at least 100 more, possibly even more than that, if all goes well. Mostly I wanted to update the site and say that I will probably put up a page with all the Art-o-Mat pictures because… I really do enjoy these spacescapes and would love to make larger versions if anyone would like to commission one (though I will likely make larger ones for fun as usual, of course!). So, if anyone would be interested in a large spacescape painting, I’d be happy to show you all the fun spacescapes (small and large) I’ve done so far to give you an idea of the fun paintings I could make 🙂

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the mini spacescapes I’ve done so far!

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