Sagas of the Iron Hearts – Fragments

I realized the other day when I was sprucing up my website that I never put a post here showing the first artwork of mine that was used for a book cover!  The original drawing was done with white charcoal pencils (Derwent) on black paper, and the “official” artwork (adjusted for contrast, etc) is below:

Fragments - Book Cover - Charcoals - 8x10"
Check out the book here on Amazon if you’re interested; it’s scifi/cyberpunk/mecha (full of fun violence – not for children).

There are also free stories on his website if you’d like to see some of his writing style before you get into the real meat of his work.  If you do take a look at his writing, I suggest the “Gregory Samuels” series – it feels a bit like “Alien” to me (scifi-horror).


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