November Waterfalls

Apologies for not updating sooner, but I’m trying to accelerate my painting schedule and it’s been pretty busy.  Firstly, I’ve decided to start painting in series, and November’s series is “Waterfalls” (hooray!).  Below are the first three paintings of this series, which will be added to my Portfolio page shortly along with a few other paintings from last month.  Secondly, two of the waterfall paintings so far have accompanying videos (below, and have also been added to my videos page), and I plan to have at least two more videos this month (maybe even three!) in an attempt to have about one video every week.  Finally, I’m also working on a side project that I can’t talk about yet other than it involves my good friend Robert Madsen.

As for future artistic plans, I’m not sure what theme I will be choosing for next month… I’m leaning towards “Mountains” but I’m open to ideas!  Goodness, I also need to work on some paintings for Christmas presents – time is definitely flying.  Well, here are the new paintings and videos; let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy them so far 🙂

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