Welcoming 2017

Last year, my art goals included completing sketchbooks, reading new art books, making more timelapse videos, painting a lot more, and trying to paint people (the scariest one for me – people are so difficult!). I knew I wouldn’t get through all of my old goals, but I’m very proud of what I’ve done, and I want to push harder in 2017.

My basic goals are to sketch every day, paint even more often, improve my craft, and sell more. I know it might seem less heartfelt or personal to say “sell more!”, but I would love to be able to make my art into an awesome business so that I can maybe even spend more time making more fun paintings, so to do that, I really do have to get better, make more, and sell more. I’ve also considered something pretty challenging, like a (small) Kickstarter for original custom paintings. In any case, I think this year is going to be pretty crazy and you can expect a lot of art from me 😀

I’ve put together a little video compilation of my artwork for this year, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done, but like I said – more more more!!!  In any case, I wish everyone a great new year, and good luck in all your creative endeavors especially   Feel free to let me know what you’ve done last year or your goals for next year!

If you’re interested in buying any of the artwork you see here, please let me know (comment, send me a message, or email me at scenesbycolleen@gmail.com) or visit my Etsy store (some are listed there):


Music for Video: “Big Blues” by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

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