May Newsletter

May Newsletter
Hello everyone! I’ve decided to change up the format of the posts on my website, as I feel like a monthly update would be easier and gather together all the useful information without being too annoying for anyone’s inbox, so I will now be posting once a month from my website, always before the monthly raffle (which is the first Friday of every month, and is listed at the end of this newsletter!), covering everything that’s happened and when new art will be available for purchase.  This is the first official monthly version, so… Welcome to the monthly updates from ScenesbyColleen!  Let me know what you think, or if there’s anything you’d change or add!

Included in this update is art that I’ve completed in the past month, links to videos that I’ve created (timelapses or instructional videos) this month, art that I’ve put up for sale and that which will be going up for sale shortly, a description of the next monthly raffle and where to go to enter, and any artsy news.
If you like to see my work as it comes out or as I’m working on it, I post almost-daily on Facebook, Minds, and Instagram, and my videos will also be posted on my Youtube and VidMe channels.
Thanks as always for subscribing and feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions or just want to say something; I will do my best to answer.

Last Month’s Artwork:

In April, my “theme” was Mountains, and since I don’t feel “finished” with this theme since I started a bit late, there will be a few paintings next month that will also be mountain-themed until I decide to change it up, because I really enjoy mountain paintings and would like to try a few more things.
These five are all 10×10″ oil paintings:

I also bought a few tiny 6×6″ canvases for a commissioned piece, and I just love how these little ones are turning out so far.  These are a great size for a desk and I’m excited to work on these so that I can offer some more affordable paintings in my store that have more detail than the super-mini 3×3″ paintings I had previously.  Here are two mountains and the commissioned piece that was based on one of my larger paintings from February (an orca), on cute little easels too!

Finally, my two siblings are both born in April, and I was able to paint some 12×16″ paintings for their birthdays.  My sister had requested a purple jellyfish a long time ago, and my brother had previously commented on a skull painting that I had done so I thought that I’d surprise him with one of his own.  I think they’re both pretty neat, but I’ve always liked the darker paintings like these!


Last Month’s Videos:

The following are videos that I’ve created in the past month (corresponding to the artwork shown above) in order by date:

(1) Purple Jellyfish            –
(2) Northern Lights            –
(3) Dagger’s Summit          –
(4) Dark Summit                 –
(5) Sunset Summit             –
(6) Soft Sunrise Summit          –

There will also be a video for the skull painting posted early this month.

You can watch these as well as all of my previous videos on my YouTube or VidMe channels.

Artwork for Sale:

If you’re interested in buying any of my original pieces, they will often be available on my Etsy site a few weeks after they’ve been painted.  If there is a piece that catches your eye that has not yet been put up for sale (such as any of the artwork posted in “last month’s artwork” above), feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to let you know what the price will be and you can have the chance to claim the painting before I put it up for sale officially!

This month, I plan to put the 10×10″ mountain paintings as well as the extra-small 6×6″ paintings I’ve been working on up for sale, so do keep an eye out if you’d be interested in a nice painting that can be displayed on your desk at work or at home.  I have even received some lovely display easels that will work nicely for the 10×10″ paintings and are very sturdy, so those (as well as the other small 10×10″ paintings currently in my store) can also be displayed on a desk or table as well.

In the past month, I’ve listed the following new items:
“Space Manta Rays” (still available)
“Seahorse” (sold)
“Killer Whale” (still available)
“Jellyfish Encounter” (still available)
“Spooky Squid” (still available)
Playing Cards – Skull (3 available) – these are poker-sized playing cards with my original painting “Howling Void” printed on the front

Here are some of the paintings currently available in my store (click to see more!):


Upcoming Raffle:

Every first Friday of every month, I will have a raffle, which you can enter to win something for free!  This month’s raffle will be on Friday, May 5th.  Let me know what you’d like to see me paint for a chance to win a custom 6×6″ painting!  You can be as general or as specific as you want; I’m excited to see what kind of ideas you come up with!  All you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message on any of my social media posts, on my website, or directly to my email address (  I will check everything before deciding the winner or winners on Saturday.  Good luck and thanks for watching! 🙂

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