Skull 15

The fifteenth skull!

Skull 15 – 10×10″

Skull 15

This skull is a little simpler because I wanted to try a different perspective as well as a “golden” color to see how those two things would turn out before trying anything too weird.  I like the gaping mouth, but I think I could have pushed the top of the head back even further to get an even more interesting perspective.  The golden color (on the top of the head) came out pretty nicely, so I definitely think I will have to use that in the future, and the greenish-gold in the top of the middle section was a nice surprise.  🙂


Music: “Zombie Rock” by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Pontypool.”  I don’t normally like zombie movies (and this is basically a zombie movie), but this one is told in such a way as to really evoke fear of the unknown.  The protagonist is a radio show host, so much of what we know about what’s going on is second-hand, so there’s a lot of fear of “what’s out there” and “what’s REALLY going on” and since whatever is happening seems to spread like a virus rather than in traditional zombie-biting form, it’s “will it happen to my friends, my family… or me?”  I also thought the “solution” to the “virus” was, while a stretch, cute since it stuck with the themes associated with radio.  “Pontypool” is an amazing film… assuming I didn’t give too much away, go watch it if you haven’t seen it! (only if you like spooky movies, of course) 🙂

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