Skull 22

The twenty-second skull!

Skull 22 – 10×10″

Skull 22

This might not be obvious, but I’m actually a little disappointed with this one.  I spent so much time trying to get the rainbow-colored x-ray “look” to this that I totally missed that I messed up the proportions in the very beginning when I laid out the skull outline!  I did adjust a few things as I went along, but I wasn’t able to adjust the skull any more on the left side since that was the edge of the canvas.  I do like the resulting look, but I don’t think it looks as much like a human skull (maybe humanoid, but at least not modern-day human!).

Along similar lines, until now I’ve mostly just been adjusting parts of the skull as I liked rather than based on realism (for the most part), but I did look up the difference between male and female skulls recently.  While some traits do not “definitely” distinguish a skull (since it varies based on region and in general people’s skulls just don’t all look exactly the same of course), you can still get a pretty good guess if you have enough traits that distinguish it as one sex or the other.  So that got me thinking… are the skulls I’m using as references male or female?  What about the ones I’ve painted?  Some are obviously made-up, but are some more female-looking or more male-looking?  This skull’s square jaw makes me think it was based on a male skull, but there’s not as much of a brow ridge – though the brow does slope less than a female skull generally does (though again, that might have been because I didn’t quite lay out the outline the way I intended!).  Apparently the eye sockets are a really good indicator, so I think now I’ll be paying more attention to how I paint my skulls (even if I do end up mixing and matching traits, at least I’ll know what I’m indicating! haha).

In any case, I do like the x-ray effect and would like to try that again sometime 😀


Music: “Phase Three” – Huma-Huma


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Ghostbusters” (the original).  I watched this for the first time when I was a little kid and probably missed some of the “adult humor” but… what an awesome group of actors and actresses in an adorable spooky movie 🙂

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