Skull 27

The twenty-seventh skull!

Skull 27

Skull 27 – 18×18″

Still working on catching up with my skull paintings… and then of course I decided that I wanted this one to be on a larger canvas, haha!

I had wanted to paint a robotic skull for a while, but I hadn’t liked the sketches well enough to do them until yesterday when I finally made a sketch that I liked.  So now I finally have a robot skull that I like!  I tried to fit a few different little “parts” into it based on stuff I see normally around the lab and what I thought would look cool on a robotic skull moreso than what would actually be functional… but… it might be functional in some capacity 😉  I’m sure I could make something like this and make it do something… hehehe

Oh, shoot!  I meant to give the skull a glowing little red spot in the eye socket!  hehehe oh well, next time… or maybe if I ever come back to this skull, I’ll just add that in… 😉


Music: “Rise, Mechwarrior” by Tri-Tachyon is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “The Terminator” (or really, any from the franchise), because it’s robot-related and why not 😉

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