Skull 32

The thirty-second skull!

Skull 32

Skull 32 – 12×12″

As soon as I had this weird idea, I knew it’d have to be one of the skull paintings, even if it is a little crazy, haha!

I was a little surprised that, though I started this one off quite abstractly and with a larger brush – just making general shapes and nothing concrete – that some of the earth parts ended up looking realistic but also “painterly.”  So I’m actually pretty happy with the way this one turned out!  I think the earth part perhaps should be a little more round (even though skulls aren’t), because it’s messing with my obsessive-compulsive nature, but I do enjoy looking at it even if it is a little wiggly on some of the edges 😉

I wasn’t sure if I should include the “halo” (atmosphere “glow”) around the earth part, but I’m happy that I did, because it makes it stand out against the darkness even more and bring out the dark eyes.  It was good to have that soft contrast against some of the harder edges of some of the land and clouds, as well.  Basically, I’m pretty pleased with the result! 🙂


Music: “White Atlantis” by Sergey Cheremisinov is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Tucker and Dale vs Evil,” a comedy “horror” movie told from the perspective of two unsuspecting “rednecky” guys who just bought an old house in the middle of nowhere, and college kids out camping keep stumbling onto their lot and accidentally killing themselves in horrific ways that make it seem to them like the “rednecky” guys are to blame.  A comedy of errors, I suppose, where a lot of college kids die?  haha in any case, it was good fun 😀

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