Skull 33

The thirty-third skull!

Skull 33

Skull 33 – 12×16″

Another animal skull!  I took much too long finishing this one, but I couldn’t help but keep editing and editing until it felt “right,” and at least this one felt very meditative to paint.  I think all the shadows and light in the bones and horns were just a joy to paint.  I like that the underpainting of the yellowish-brown came through in the main skull, too.

Apologies for some of the bright spots; this one was quite wet and shiny when I took a picture and I really need to get better at taking pictures to capture the best image!!!


Music: “Surprising Power” by Art Of Escapism is licensed under a Attribution License.


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Friday the 13th” because it’s Friday the 13th today!  Haha enjoy! 🙂

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