Skull 35

The thirty-fifth skull!

Skull 35

Skull 35 – 10×10″

This one may not seem as… interesting, or… detailed as the last few, but painting fire (or drawing fire, for that matter), is something that does not come very easily to me, so I really wanted to paint a simple skull with fire.  Fire has a lot of reddish-orange colors, but also a lot of bright white; so if you paint with oils and alla-prima (wet-on-wet, all at once) like I do, it’s hard not to accidentally make peachy colors or pinkish colors.  The other difficulty of painting fire is that, unless you’re trying to copy an exact picture, fire is a bit… wibbly-wobbly.  It’s hard to catch exactly the movement and rhythm of fire, so creating that effect (even with a lot of resources) can be very difficult.  I think I had some successes and some failures in this one, but I definitely don’t feel comfortable painting fire quite yet.

Also, more fun news: if I’ve marked everything correctly, this is my 100th painting (6×6″ or larger; I’m not counting the mini 3×4″ ones) of THIS YEAR!  I’ve never painted this much, and by the end of this project, I believe I’ll have surpassed last year’s paintings by twice as many!


Music: “daemones” by Kai Engel is licensed under a Attribution License.


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “1408,” a movie about a man trapped in a spooky hotel room, which I think is a great twist on a haunted house type of movie (and also some psychological horror as well, of course).  😀

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