Skull 36

The thirty-sixth skull!

Skull 36

Skull 36 – 10×10″

After the “skulltopus” (skull 10) went so well (I might have to make another like that one too!), I thought I’d also like to try my hand at another underwater-creature-skull, this time a jellyfish-skull!  I wanted a see-through creature that looked like the bubbly-slimy-weirdness of jellyfish, and I had a fun time trying to create that effect.  There was a lot of “smoothing” in this one, that is to say I kept using a soft brush to smooth lines to try to get the effect of a bubble without too many harsh edges.

I’ve been feeling sick recently, so of course instead of catching up in my skulls… I’m a little behind again!  grrrr, I hope I can catch up this weekend…



Music: “Sleep Walker” by Drake Stafford is licensed under a Attribution License.


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Poltergeist” – not just a ghost story but a glimpse into the creepy “other side.”

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