Skull 41

The forty-first skull!

Skull 41

Skull 41 – 6×6″

I thought I’d have fun with one of my sketches and make an itty-bitty version (only 6×6″).  It was a challenge to get as much detail as I wanted into such a small painting, particularly the snake scales.  I definitely had fun trying to get layers of greens and yellows for the snake’s skin, but I think I could do better with the shading if I were to try something like this again (especially if it’s on a slightly larger scale, haha).


Music: “Future Bump” by MK2


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Shaun of the Dead.”  I usually bore of too many zombie films, but a funny one is always fun.  I picked this movie up as part of a pack with “At World’s End” and “Hot Fuzz” and I enjoyed all three fun silly movies.

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