Skull 42

The forty-second skull!

Skull 42

Skull 42 – 12×12″

I realized I hadn’t painted a “skull and crossbones” typical pirate skull yet!  So I went at this one with a very loose, sketchy approach, trying to blend but keep the brushstrokes visible and interesting.  I really like how some of the skull really stands out; it makes the skull seem rounded and “thick” yet have a scratchy-looking, sketchy texture up-close.  This one was pretty fun 😀


Music: “Drunken Sailor” sung by The Midshipmen Glee Club


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  I tried to think of something with pirates, but nothing came to mind (well, okay, nothing good… one campy one, and a few non-horror ones), so why not something fun like Rocky Horror 😀

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