Skull 43

The forty-third skull!

Skull 43

Skull 43 – 6×6″

I actually wasn’t exactly sure what to do with this skull other than I knew which colors I wanted to use and I knew I wanted to use a tiny canvas.  Other than that, I just tried a few things until this “popped out” of the canvas 😉  I think the result is more like what I was aiming for with skull 3, where I wanted a skull coming out of swirling nothingness, but this time I actually got the effect I wanted (or much closer to it at least!).


Music: “The Night Falling” by JR Tundra


Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Flatliners” (the 1990 version – I just realized there’s a new one?).  It’s an interesting take on what lies “after death” – or where your inner demons come out to claim you?  I might be making it sound cooler than it is, but it was a fun watch and had some spooky bits 😀

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