Skull 48

The forty-eighth skull!

Skull 48

Skull 48 – 12×12″

I was talking to my dad yesterday, who is currently out in the west (of the US) somewhere, and mentioned that I wanted to paint a jack-a-lope (a fictional mash-up which looks like a bunny with antlers).  He thought I seem to “really like blue” and I should think about doing more reds or something, so… I thought it’d be fun to try a demonic jack-a-lope, hehehe.



Spooky Film: Today’s spooky film of the day is “Hellraiser.”  I had never actually seen this movie until some time within the past year (maybe last Halloween-ish?  I’m not sure, since I always watch spooky movies, haha), and I have to admit that it’s not a great movie.  It is a “classic” horror movie and a weird experience, though, and I do really like the idea of a puzzle box opening up a demonic dimension.

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