Skull 49

The forty-ninth skull!

Skull 49

Skull 49 – 6×6″

I had thought about turning a skull into a shell for a while, and finally I decided to try it out on a little itty-bitty 6×6″ painting, which of course made it difficult to get all the little details I wanted, but I think the snail-skull turned out to be pretty cute 😀



Spooky Film: Since I already did a spooky film of the day, how about a spooky cartoon?  Today’s spooky cartoon of the day is “Courage the Cowardly Dog.”  I love this series; it’s an adorable little show about a dog that ends up having to save its humans from spoooooky things.  It’s obviously not that spooky since it’s for kids, but it is adorable and I love the way they do the animations 😀

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