January 2018 Newsletter

January Newsletter
Hello everyone!  The monthly newsletter is here!  Included in each monthly update is art that I’ve completed in the past month, links to videos that I’ve created (timelapses or instructional videos) this month, art that I’ve put up for sale and that which will be going up for sale shortly, a description of the next monthly raffle and how to enter (it’s at the bottom if you’re antsy!), and any other artsy news.

If you like to see my work as it comes out or as I’m working on it, I post almost-daily on Facebook, Minds, and Instagram, and my videos will also be posted on my Youtube channel.  My original work is currently for sale on Etsy.

Thanks as always for subscribing and feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions or just want to say something; I will do my best to answer.


2017 Accomplishments and 2018 Plans:

Very quickly I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s left me a comment or message or even a “like” on something; I’ve been working really hard to get better in my art and the fact that others are giving me advice, criticism, and encouragement really helps me out.  It was particularly difficult during the 50-skull-project, and while I was happy for a break, now I’m antsy to get going for this year!

Briefly, my plans for 2018 are to paint EVERY DAY.  It could be a little bit, it could be a lot, it could be working on something that takes a longer time… it doesn’t matter, as long as I do it every day.  The 50-skull-project was definitely a test and I think I know now what amount of time I can afford each day so that I don’t drive myself crazy (I hope… feel free to tell me if I start acting too crazy, haha).  But definitely feel free to remind me to paint mooooore! 😀

January’s “theme” will be more spacescapes, because a bunch of my recent larger spacescapes were bought, and I want to fill up my Etsy store.  I also have an idea of what to do in the next few months – some older ideas to help fill up my store again and some new ideas, but you never know how things might change, so I’ll keep that to myself for now.  If you have ideas, I’m happy to take suggestions for themes for this year!

I also hope to open a “merchandise” store (soon…ish?) because honestly I want to buy some stuff with my art on it (I’m thinking a skull mug, maybe a nebula mousepad, or a foresty shirt, stickers for my laptop… or more fun stuff!), and I really liked the art from the winners of the October raffle (skulls on stuff!) that I created in one of those kinds of stores.


Last Month’s Artwork:

This month has been pretty busy, but less focused on painting.  In the middle of December, I attended a craft show which went pretty well for me, so I think I’ll be looking to attend more art and craft shows this year!  It was actually a different craft show than I had originally planned due to a little snow (the show mentioned in last month’s newsletter is rescheduled for April; I’ll post when I know exact details!), but it was nearer to me at the Mount Vernon High School.  I had a nice time and I’m looking forward to more like this.

My table at the Mount Vernon High School Craft Show!!!

However, here are some of the pieces I finished before taking a nice holiday break 🙂
All but “Orange Jelly” (which was commissioned by a lovely person who bought THREE jellyfish paintings!  *squee*) will be up in my Etsy store soon.

I also finished off another set of 100 mini-block paintings for Art-o-Mat!  I’m now up to 850!!!  All 850 Art-o-mat blocks can be seen on my page here.


Last Month’s Videos:

Sadly, I did not make any videos last month, but I am looking into making tutorials and possibly even streaming!  In the meantime, I will put up some videos this month.  Also, since VidMe decided to terminate their product, I currently only have videos up on YouTube and Facebook.  Let me know if there’s another good video (or streaming) service that I should look into, though 🙂


Artwork for Sale:

If you’re interested in buying any of my original pieces, they will often be available on my Etsy site a few weeks after they’ve been painted.  If there is a piece that catches your eye that has not yet been put up for sale (such as any of the artwork posted in “last month’s artwork” above), feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to let you know what the price will be and you can have the chance to claim the painting before I put it up for sale officially!

Finally, if you weren’t already aware, I’m having a New Year’s sale on my older (and mostly larger) paintings on Etsy!  I’m trying to make room in my apartment for new paintings, and I think some of the older ones should find new homes, so they’re up for sale at 25% off.  If you were ever interested in one of my larger paintings, check it out!

Since I enjoyed the last craft show so much, please feel free to let me know about any upcoming art/craft show/fairs (preferably in VA, though I wouldn’t mind looking a *little* farther too!) that you’d like to see me attend; I’m new at this and can use all the help I can get!


Upcoming Raffle:

Every first Friday of every month, I will have a raffle, which you can enter to win something for free!  This month’s raffle will be on Friday, January 5th.  Perhaps I should have rescheduled the raffles for Mondays, because this raffle is for a 12-month calendar with a bunch of paintings!  I promise I’ll get the winners’ calendars in the mail ASAP, though, so it’ll only be about a week after the calendar stops 😉  In any case, all you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message on any of my social media posts, on my website, or directly to my email address (scenesbycolleen@gmail.com).  I will check everything before deciding the winners on Saturday.  Good luck and thanks for watching! 🙂


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