October 2018 Newsletter

October Newsletter
Hello everyone!  The monthly newsletter is here!  Included in each monthly update is art that I’ve completed in the past month, links to videos that I’ve created (timelapses or instructional videos) this month, art that I’ve put up for sale and that which will be going up for sale shortly, a description of the next monthly raffle and how to enter (it’s at the bottom if you’re antsy!), and any other artsy news.

If you like to see my work as it comes out or as I’m working on it, I post almost-daily on Facebook, Minds, Instagram, and Gab, and my videos will also be posted on my Youtube channel.  My original work is currently for sale on Etsy.

Thanks as always for subscribing and feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions or just want to say something; I will do my best to answer.

October Plans:

This month is going to be… interesting.  I’m going to attempt to paint some people – of sorts – and I’m quite nervous about it so I’m not sure how it will go and if I’ll end up changing the theme to something else halfway through.  But I’m going to try it out and see how it goes – this month’s theme will be “Fairies.”  Why fairies?  I wanted something that *could* be a little creepy/spooky but also fun and silly – and I want to get better at drawing/painting faces (though if things go as my sketches have been going so far, the faces might be “humanoid” but maybe not exactly “human”, haha).  Of course, this is all assuming I don’t change my mind last-minute and wimp out, haha.  Wish me luck!

Last Month’s Artwork:

Whereas in September, I returned to more seacreature paintings which often feel very “free” or “flowing”, so it was very relaxing (especially compared to October’s theme to me!).  Enjoy these lovely jellyfish, cephalopods (octopus and squid), and a few sharks (I planned to make a few more sharks, but “lost time” – maybe more next time!):

Last Month’s Videos:

My full videos (and a few real-time clips!) are available on YouTube and Facebook, and short clips of the full videos and real-time videos are also available on Instagram.  This month I was able to make a couple of videos again!  I had a third one planned as well (a shark), but as I mentioned, I didn’t get around to painting as many sharks as I had planned.

  1.  Oil Painting Timelapse – “Golden Lady” Jellyfish
  2.  Oil Painting Timelapse – Orange Octopus

Artwork for Sale:

If you’re interested in buying any of my original pieces, they will often be available on my Etsy site a few weeks after they’ve been painted – I will now be posting new items every Thursday.  If there is a piece that catches your eye that has not yet been put up for sale (such as any of the artwork posted in “last month’s artwork” above), feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to let you know what the price will be and you can have the chance to claim the painting before I put it up for sale officially!  The first few paintings from September are already listed, and there will be more listed this Thursday.

Upcoming Raffle:

Every first Friday of every month, I will have a raffle, which you can enter to win something for free!  This month’s raffle will be on Friday, October 5th for one of these two skull prints!  Let me know your favorite (and your favorite spooky movie!) for a chance to win it!  All you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message on any of my social media posts, on my website, or directly to my email address (scenesbycolleen@gmail.com).  I will check everything before deciding the winners on Saturday.  Good luck and thanks for watching! 🙂


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