April 2020 Newsletter

April Newsletter
Hello everyone!  The monthly newsletter is here!  Included in each monthly update is art that I’ve completed in the past month, links to videos that I’ve created (timelapses or instructional videos) this month, art that I’ve put up for sale and that which will be going up for sale shortly, a description of the next monthly raffle and how to enter (it’s at the bottom if you’re antsy!), and any other artsy news.

If you like to see my work as it comes out or as I’m working on it, I post almost-daily on Facebook, Minds, Instagram, and Gab, and my videos will also be posted on my Youtube channel.  My original work is currently for sale on Etsy.

Thanks as always for subscribing and feel free to send me a message via my Etsy site or email if you have any questions about painting pricing or commissions; I will do my best to answer.

April Plans:

This month’s theme is a surprise, but will have a lot of forest landscapes and might be a little spooky sometimes.  I’m having fun painting ideas for it so far, but I don’t know if I’ll get out all the crazy stuff in my head before I want to move to the next theme.  We’ll see how it goes 😀

Last Month:

The theme for March 2020 was “Birds” – I didn’t feel as if I was as comfortable painting animals, including birds, as I would like, so I thought it would be an interesting topic to paint.  I was surprised to see which ones I liked a lot vs which ones other people liked a lot!  Thanks to everyone who suggested fun birds to paint, too 🙂

March 2020 Commissions – all three of these paintings were requested (by three different customers) to be based on previous paintings, so they may look very familiar if you’ve followed my artwork for some time 🙂



Artwork for Sale:

I’ve been keeping enough ahead of the game so far that each of my paintings will be available the Thursday after I’ve posted it, unless you send a message to my Etsy store (or email) letting me know you’d either like to reserve something or purchase it right away.  Also, if you reeeeeally liked something that someone else purchased or reserved – let me know and I will probably be willing to make you one like it 🙂

Upcoming Raffle:

Every first Friday of every month, I will have a raffle, which you can enter to win something for free!  This month’s raffle will be on Friday, April 3rd for a spiral-bound notebook with one of my paintings on the cover!  I got three of these and thought they were pretty neat and would be nice for a raffle giveaway 🙂   All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment – or send me a message on my website or directly to my email address (scenesbycolleen@gmail.com).  I will decide the winners on Saturday.  Good luck and thanks for watching! 🙂


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