November 2020 Newsletter

November Newsletter
In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I have a few series of paintings that I had been working on, the first of which was “Seacreatures” (now in the store) which were available with handcrafted wooden frames.  My second series that I had been working on at the same time is an “Outer Space” series, which I plan to have available for purchase in next Friday, November 27, at 8AM EST in my Etsy store.  I’m still currently in the process of finishing the frames for this series and will probably be finishing them right up until the minute I post them in my store (I’ll add pictures of the paintings in the frames on my website as soon as I can!), but I wanted to let my newsletter readers see the paintings early.  I’ll have a few other new little things in the store as well.  Now, here are my new “Outer Space” paintings 🙂
(More pictures of each, descriptions, prices, etc. can be seen here on my website)

First, here is the huge set of “miniature” space paintings I’ve created (almost all are based on real celestial objects) on 3×4″ canvases, 4×4″ canvases, and ~5-6″ Hexagonal flat canvas board:

I painted a lot of the miniatures based on previous paintings and/or as “tests” for larger paintings.  Two in particular were painted three different sizes – miniature, 6×18″, and 12×36″ – just because I liked how they looked and thought they might look neat at different sizes.  Some I painted in different colors to see how I liked the result.  The minis were a lot of fun, even with all the tiny details. 🙂

“Regular”-sized outer space paintings (all on wrapped canvas), also (mostly) based on real celestial objects (click to view larger images, or go here on my website):

And a few “giant” ones!

Thanks to everyone who wished me well during the last few months and I hope you are all doing well during these tough times too!
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