January 2021 Newsletter Part 2

Hi again!  I’m ready to show my next series of paintings, which are dry (or still drying) and will be available in my Etsy store on Wednesday, January 27th at 8AM EST.  You can see more pictures and info about each one here on my website 🙂

This series was inspired by some nice comments I received on my painting of a mermaid a few months ago.  One of the things that is terrifying for me to paint is people and faces – there’s so much that can (and does!) go wrong with just a stroke of the brush; it seems so easy for something to be proportioned incorrectly.  I figured the best way for me to get over that hurdle is to keep at it, so I painted some more mermaids for this series and plan to paint more people (or humanoids) and faces this year.  Some of these were a bit experimental, some of them were very well-planned, and some were tougher than they should have been because I kept making the mermaids smaller than they needed to be, but they were all extremely helpful and I really like how they turned out.  I hope you all enjoy them 🙂




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