June 2022 Newsletter

June Newsletter

I know I don’t put out many of these newsletters, but I thought I’d update everyone who is subscribed but hasn’t been to my website about what I’m up to! 🙂

Starting this evening, I’m going to have a sale this week on some of my older paintings that haven’t gotten much attention (plus, this means more room for new art!).  It might last more than this week since I’m getting a bit of a cleaning bug and have been going through a lot of old things.  If you’d like to see what’s for sale every day, I’ll be updating my social media accounts, or you can check my Etsy store directly.

Here are the series of paintings I’ve completed since the last newsletter – they are all available in my Etsy store (unless they’ve been purchased, of course) along with prints of some of them too:











That’s it for now; I hope you’re all having a lovely day, and thank you for taking a look at my art! <3

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