Current Art

This is a page for the current series/ set of artwork (“Ships & Boats”).  I particularly enjoy the large sailing ships and Viking longboats, so this series is dedicated to those types of ships/boats.

These paintings are now for sale in my Etsy store!
Prints of many of the larger pieces will also be available.

The newest (late) addition is the painting with the dragons! 🙂

[Click on an image for more information and pictures]

Pirates – 24×36″
Celestial – 24×36″
Dragons – 24×36″
Serpent – 20×30″
Tentacles – 20×30″
Lightning – 16×16″
Night – 16×16″
Pastel – 10×20″
Blue – 10×20″
Darkness – 8×10″
Longboat – 8×10″
Mini Ship/Boat Paintings


Art from the last series (Forests) can be viewed here, and artwork from before then can be viewed in previous newsletters here.